Top 7 Online Businesses for Entrepreneurs for 2019

Post Date: December 28, 2018

If you are considering starting an online business, there are many options available to you. 

Choosing the right online business means doing a little homework, as seen in the recent post, E-Commerce 101: How to Start an Online Business. It also means selecting a venture that fits with your background, expertise, and interests.

With so many options available, here is a list of the top seven online businesses for entrepreneurs for 2019.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Businesses need help today leveraging their online presence through improved ranking in search engine results. SEO businesses help companies by identifying the keywords (the words people enter into search engines) that are most popular and relevant to the website, its brand, and its products.

2. Online Tutoring

Students need help in an array of subjects. Providing that extra boost that helps raise grades and test scores is appealing to students and to their parents. Your business could consist of both online live coaching sessions and offline video content designed to drive more customers.

3. Web Courses

If you have a specific skill that others need help with, starting an online consulting and training company can deliver needed content to others looking for the same expertise. Courses can be delivered via video conference calls, webinars, live chats, or recorded videos. Your expertise can become your product.

4. Virtual Assistant

Many busy executives and individuals who cannot hire a full-time assistant choose instead to contract with a virtual assistant instead. Virtual assistants can do myriad tasks, from answering phone calls and making travel arrangements to doing online research and preparing work documents. Your business could involve you completing the work yourself or outsourcing it to freelancers.


 5. Document Creation

There are many people that need help creating documents or making them look professional. From college students looking for help with formatting term papers to professionals looking to build and improve resumes, these skills are invaluable for those that need them. Professional services companies, small businesses, and independent contractors often need help making their documents look great.

6. Third-Party Seller

Sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy make it easy for those looking to sell their goods and services through a third party. The main advantage? You can tap into the millions of active users on these sites. The downside? You will pay fees for listing items and commissions on each sale. You will also have a hard time establishing your own brand.

7. Content Production

There are many people who make a living creating content for sites like YouTube or as bloggers or podcasters. The key to all of these endeavors is having something to share. YouTube will pay for vloggers that get lots of hits. To monetize blogs and podcasts, you need to make content that’s entertaining, compelling or educational.

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