The QuickStart Loan Program – Get Your Business Off the Ground Faster!

The perfect solution for qualified entrepreneurs seeking a highly flexible, streamlined and accelerated funding process. 

why quickstart

Your Next Big Idea Deserves the Perfect Funding Solution

The QuickStart Loan Powered by Benetrends is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who need a flexible and streamlined funding process for their business start-ups, acquisitions, or franchise purchases. With our unique credit terms and in-house underwriting and approvals, clients can enjoy quick approvals and funding with minimal paperwork.

97% Approval Rate With Our Preferred Lenders

QuickStart Loan Features

High-Level Requirements

  • Loan amounts from $50k – $250k
  • Terms of 7 to 10 years with manageable monthly payments
  • No personal real estate or other collateral required
  • Does not report to personal credit
  • Perfect for pre-revenue start-ups
  • Works for existing business acquisitions or franchise re-sales
  • Great for first-unit franchisees
  • Excellent credit (750+)
  • Low DTI, excellent payment history
  • Personal liquidity >$50k
  • Current income (W2 or 1099 and can include household or co-borrower income)
  • A registered business (must have EIN but business does not need to be generating revenue yet)


Find Out if You Qualify

If you meet these requirements, please contact one of our expert Loan Advisors to find out more about the QuickStart Loan and see if you qualify for this unique loan product to help you start your dreams!


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