ROBS 401(k) Funding

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Rollover Retirement Funds to Start Your New Business

Tax-deferred, penalty-free funding to help you secure your business dreams without debt or worry.

When it comes to dealing with your life savings and your future, nothing can substitute experience. At Benetrends, we don’t just offer the innovative ROBS (Rollovers-as-Business-Startups); our founder Len Fischer pioneered its usage with our Rainmaker Plan 40 years ago (that’s almost 20 more years than most other competitors!), and we’ve since helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.


Major Benefits of ROBS 

Get funding in as little as 10 business days!

Tax-Deferred, Penalty & Debt-Free

Reduces the Risk of Double Taxation


Acquire or Later Grow Your Business

Better Wealth Protection from Personal Risk

Contributions are Exempt from Payroll Taxes

Industry Leading ROBS: The Rainmaker Plan

Start Up Without Worry
or Debt

You’re ready to begin your dream of opening a business, but how can you avoid high interest rates and fees? Fortunately, we can help you use your retirement funds to start a business — without paying taxes or penalties — utilizing the leading ROBS Rainmaker Plan.

ROBS Process

How ROBS 401(k)/IRA Business Funding Works

Navigate ROBS 401(k) small business funding with help from the experts at Benetrends. We will work with you every step of the way, from the free funding consultation to the day you open your business doors and beyond! We are here to see your business succeed and create a lasting partnership for success.


    The process begins with establishing a new corporation using the proper legal structure to support the establishment and operation of the company’s qualified retirement plan.


    To avoid early withdrawal penalties and preserve tax-deferred status, a new retirement plan is created for which you’ll move your existing funds. We will customize your plan, taking into account your business needs.


    If you’re rolling over funds from a 401(k), your plan custodian will work with you to fill out temporary IRA documents. If funds are being rolled from an existing IRA, your plan custodian will initiate the movement of those funds.


    The rollover funds can now be invested in the newly formed C Corporation by purchasing stock in the corporation. You have the capital to start, purchase or recapitalize your new small business or franchise.

Navigate Small Business Funding with Ease

How Benetrends is Different

Funding in as Little as 10 Days!

We have our process down to a science and have a reputation for being the fastest in the industry – which means you have access to funds faster.

Ongoing Admin Support

Plans include all administrative, filing, and insurance costs plus unlimited certified and legal services that pay for themselves.

Compliance Expertise

We’ve never had a plan out of compliance in Benetrends history! 

Better Wealth Protection

Only Benetrends offers additional plan options to support your future business empire and protect thousands of dollars.

Custom & Hybrid Options

We offer both 401(k) and Profit-Sharing Plan (PSP) options since we know that cookie-cutter plans don’t work for everyone.

We Optimize Your Equity

With our proven, custom plans, you’ll minimize debt and enhance cash flow from the start to gain business equity.

When I approached Benetrends I was in a dire situation. I called many accountants and TPA and most would not touch the case or wanted a retainer in the thousands… Not Benetrends! They reviewed my case and put together a plan to bring me back into compliance at a reasonable price and within the required timelines. Their compliance officer assured me I was not a lost cause, and they could bring my business back into compliance from 2018 through 2021. They educated me, earned my trust and I would recommend them to any small business planning to start and/or has a 401K PSP.

Robert S.

ROBS innovator

Secure Fast Funding With Custom Rainmaker Plans

The visionary Rainmaker Plan®, also known as ROBS (Rollover-for-Business-Start-Ups), was pioneered by Benetrends Financial in 1983. It has helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you receive funding in a manner that is safe, effective and legal. It’s also quick — many receive their funding in as little as 10 business days.

With The Rainmaker Plan, you’re able to grow and succeed in business quickly. What’s more, the absence of debt and monthly payments means you’re also poised to thrive over the long term.

You still need to pay your bills and living expenses while you are starting out. That’s why our plan enables you to take a salary once you form an active business.

ongoing guidance

You’re Not Alone, Even
After You’re Funded

At Benetrends, we partner with you, rooting for your success — for as long as you need us. Here are just a few of the ways you receive the best service in the industry from Benetrends:

In-house team of certified professionals — no subcontractors or outsourcing of retirement plan services
Custom plan designed specifically for you — including 401(k) and profit-sharing options
More experience than any other provider — a knowledgeable team of experts with the most industry certifications
Audit Shield protection — and assurance in knowing that we’ve NEVER had a plan disqualified!

Hire Top Talent

Rainmaker Guarantee with Audit Shield Protection

We ensure if you follow certain terms and conditions, your plan is protected in the rare case of an inquiry or audit by the internal revenue service or department of labor.

Hire Top Talent

Never Had a Plan Out of Compliance in Over 40 years

In the entire history of benetrends, we have never had a plan disqualified. Our guarantee with Audit Shield protection ensures it.

Hire Top Talent

Knowledgeable Team with Leading Certifications

We don’t utilize subcontractors or outsource our retirement plan administration services, so each client gets custom and exceptional service.

industry leading

Meet the Rainmaker Advantage Plan®

The Rainmaker Advantage Plan® is the only of its kind. From the innovators of Rollover as Business Start-ups (ROBS) funding comes the next great solution for entrepreneurs. The Rainmaker Advantage Plan is a corporate capitalization funding strategy that lets you save for your future while continuing to invest into your business. Learn more


Working With Some Amazing Clients

Find Out Your Fundability

Getting pre-qualified for funding is a great first step to owning your own business or franchise. To get an idea of the financing opportunities available to you, try our free funding calculator.


Ready to follow your entrepreneurial dreams with custom funding solutions?

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