Small Business Corporate Capitalization

From the innovators of 401(k)/IRA rollover funding comes a new chapter in small business funding.  Entrepreneurs who have the means to self-fund a business or are funding their business with an SBA loan can now build wealth and mitigate taxes with the Rainmaker Advantage Plan ®.
Structure With Strategy

A Capitalization Structure. Designed Around an Exit Strategy.

This program is designed using long-standing provision of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), to provide business owners with a way to build wealth and allows for an exit strategy that dramatically lowers or eliminates taxes on the profits from the sale of the company.

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Our Strategy

What is the Rainmaker Advantage Plan® Advantage?

Modeled after our Rainmaker Plan® , this strategy uses two types of stock, which gives you the ability to maximize wealth while minimizing tax consequences.  Like the Rainmaker Plan, once the stock has been purchased, you will have the capital to start, purchase or recapitalize a business. 

Although the process is simple, specific steps must be taken in order to ensure compliance with IRS/DOL regulations.  And, as the leading small business funding provider, Benetrends will work with you so that you are funded quickly, safely and economically.

Strategy Advantages

Why Should I Care About My Exit Strategy Now? What Are the Advantages?

Of all the things to consider when opening a small business or franchise, one would think the least important would be the exit strategy. However, this is a great time to think about the end game.  When the lifecycle of a business ends, the goal for an owner isn’t about the money that’s been made, but the money that is available after the company is sold. 

And the time to understand the tax implications of a business shouldn’t be at the time of the sale.  The way your company is structured in the beginning will set the tone for the life of the business, and you should carefully consider the best options for your company.

By planning ahead, you will be able to enjoy the ”golden years” knowing you have prepared for a retirement that is cash-rich and tax-free!

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How Does The Rainmaker Advantage Plan® Work?


    Benetrends will set up a new retirement plan. A small portion of your investment goes into the newly formed retirement plan, modeled after our Rainmaker Plan ® . The remaining funds go into the corporation, receiving stock as a personal investment.


    The corporation issues two types of stock, giving you the ability to maximize wealth while minimizing tax consequences.  If needed and you qualify, you can obtain additional funding through an SBA Loan.

    After the stock has been purchased, you now have the capital to start, purchase, or recapitalize your new small business or franchise.

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Federal And State Tax Benefits

You may be able to pay zero Federal and State tax on any gain from the sale of the business.

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Tax-free Investments

Up to 100 percent of the gain can be invested to grow tax-free, including making an investment in another business. ¹

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Withdrawal Benefits

When money is withdrawn from the plan, it will not be subject to federal or state tax. ²

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No Mandatory Payments

You are not required to start receiving mandatory payments at age 72. ³

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Health Insurance Benefits

Availability of substantial health insurance benefits.

Major Benefits

It’s Not About How Much Money You Make

It’s Also About How Much Money You Keep

The Rainmaker Advantage Plan ®  is the only of its kind. From the innovators of Rollover as Business Start-ups (ROBS) funding comes the next great solution for entrepreneurs. The Rainmaker Advantage Plan is a corporate capitalization funding strategy that lets you save for your future while continuing to invest into your business.

1 Any unpaid dividends will be subject to corporate tax
2 Must be a “qualified distribution”, and the participant must be at least 59½ with at least 5 years of Roth participation
3 The money must be rolled into a Roth IRA that has been in existence for at least 5 years


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