Benetrends Financial Broadens Product Offerings for Franchises

Post Date: December 26, 2018

Benetrends Financial, the leading provider of franchise funding, is broadening its offerings to now include recruiting and hiring software for Franchises.

Benetrends has acquired the franchise hiring software division of Jordan Gilmore Inc. (JGI) and will continue to operate it as Hyrell Online Hiring Systems.

JGI will continue to develop and support the Hyrell platform and service all other business sectors outside of the franchise industry under a new brand, KeldairHR.

Dallas Kerley, President & CEO of Benetrends and Hyrell and Chris Warren, Hyrell Chief Operating Officer, will lead Hyrell’s presence in the franchise space.

President and CEO Dallas Kerley said, “It’s a great day at Benetrends and Hyrell. We will dedicate Hyrell’s Applicant Tracking System exclusively for the franchise industry.” Benetrends sees the need for businesses in the franchise industry to be able to hire and scale an affordable Applicant Tracking System within a franchise system. Benetrends and Hyrell now have the opportunity to leverage Benetrends’ long standing relationships within the franchise industry to help franchisees find the talent they are looking for with an easy to use Applicant Tracking System. Franchise businesses can advertise job listings both locally and nationally, automatically evaluate incoming applicants, communicate directly with applicants and pre-qualify candidates efficiently and effectively.

“Finding the right employees in this complex employment environment is critical in the growth of franchise business. We are thrilled to have the ability to help Franchisors and Franchisees find the right talent for their franchise network through Hyrell’s robust online software.” said Warren.

Brian Clark, CEO of JGI is excited for both Hyrell and Keldair but most of all, the customers of each. “As our customer base grew over the years so too did the variation in sizes and needs of customers. Coupling Benetrends expert knowledge of the franchise world with the Hyrell platform will serve franchisees well. We are also equally excited for the small and medium-sized businesses which operate outside of the franchise world which we serve, and will continue to serve, under our new brand, KeldairHR.”

About Hyrell 
Hyrell Online Hiring Systems is a privately-owned provider of web-based hiring solutions. Hyrell provides leading-edge hiring solutions to franchises as well as franchise operations in a variety of industries. These solutions are built with industry best practices and are designed to efficiently locate and identify the best quality applicants for any organization. For more information, please call 1-855-887-2965 or visit hyrell.com.

About Benetrends Financial 
Benetrends Financial, offers a full suite of funding options to help entrepreneurs secure the capital needed for their small business or franchise. The company originated the 401(k)/IRA tax-deferred and penalty-free rollover process with its Rainmaker Plan®, helping over 15,000 entrepreneurs in the last 35 years.

Additionally, Benetrends features a wide range of loan options covering every type of business need, including SBA loans, equipment leasing, securities-backed lines of credit, and more. To learn more about Benetrends, please visit benetrends.com.

About KeldairHR 
KeldairHR develops and provides cloud-based human resources solutions and has been doing so since 2009. These customer-centric solutions are built for customers who want the most modern approach to HR and care deeply about their recruiting and hiring practices. To learn more about KeldairHR, please visit keldairhr.com.

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