Formal Introduction Of Single Source Funding

Post Date: February 16, 2011

 Enthusiastically Received By Franchisors Of All Sizes At IFA 2011.

Today nearly 650,000 new firms are started in the United States each year. Approximately 10.2 percent of the overall workforce, or 13.8 million workers, are self-employed. 

These new entrepreneurs contend with the number one concern of every business owner – securing the proper funding. This concern has never been more challenging than in today’s tight credit market. 

Benetrends, the originator of 401(k) business funding continues to study market conditions, trends, and government regulations, responding with new, innovative products and services to help their customers succeed. 

“We started Benetrends to help individuals realize their aspirations of business ownership. Most importantly, we started Benetrends to help them succeed,” Len Fischer, Founder and CEO of Benetrends stated. 

With proper start-up funding being a pivotal factor in the success of any business, Single Source Funding is a natural evolution for the company. 

Franchisors responded enthusiastically to the introduction of Single Source Funding from Benetrends. The reason is simple. A franchisor’s brand and reputation are highly vested in the success of every franchisee. When they refer current and potential franchisees to funding partners, they need to know that funding partner, gives them the best chance to succeed. 

Benetrends has earned the trust of Franchisors of all sizes, because…

  • Benetrends began helping people rollover IRA & 401(k) funds without penalty in 1983
  • To date Benetrends has created over 7,000 Rainmaker Plans
  • Benetrends has the industry’s ONLY comprehensive written guarantee
  • Benetrends custom designs EVERY Single Source Funding package according to the needs of each individual client
  • Guarantees 100% compliance with the IRS, Department of Labor and Treasury Department
  • Support every client with unlimited consultation
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