5 Essential Characteristics of the Entrepreneurial Mind

Post Date: March 29, 2012

Not all independent businesspeople are true entrepreneurs, and not all entrepreneurs are created equal.

Many different types of people are drawn to entrepreneurship. American Express recently revealed these ambitious traits that drive these business leaders. 

1. Openness to Trying New Things – An open mind is essential, since testing new methods and means can determine the direction of an entire business. This is especially true for individuals inventing new products and services, yet all entrepreneurs must be able to experiment, since this is what allows their ideas to evolve. 

2. Creative Mindset – A hallmark of entrepreneurs is their ability to view things from different perspectives to create solutions that others don’t see. This unique way of thinking frees them from common constraints and drives the mindset that anything is possible. 

3. Sense of Suspicion – The competition is fierce for successful ideas. Entrepreneurs are extremely cautious about sharing their ideas and inspirations. This secrecy also allows them to try, test, and refine their creations without the pressure of judgment or negativity. 

4. Measure of Modesty – An air of humility is necessary, since starting a business includes a few failures along with the successes. Egos can do more harm than good. The best business leaders usually sacrifice pride for the sake of progress. 

5. Ease with the Unknown – Since launching a business presents an onslaught of uncertainties, individuals must be comfortable with going for a goal that offers no guarantee. The most successful entrepreneurs thrive in this environment and see it as a challenge that pushes them to work harder.

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