Business Unusual: 7 Unique Ventures to Consider in 2021

Post Date: October 30, 2020

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Join the crowd; in the United States alone more than 627,000 businesses launch every year.

There’s something about the risk and reward that comes with entrepreneurship that remains attractive to many. Maybe it’s that we own a piece of the American dream along with our small business. Maybe it’s just that we’re finally our own boss. No matter, for many entrepreneurs, the gamble is almost always worth it, even if it requires the weight of small business lending to get started. 

The real question is: what’s your big business idea? The gig economy lends itself to taking on entrepreneurship as a part or full-time way of life. The only thing standing between you and your own business may be that you simply don’t know which type of job to take on. Here are some fun and innovative suggestions to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Business One: Lawn Care
Everyone wants a lovely lawn so if you’re entrepreneurial and have a green thumb, you can start a lawn care company. While you can get started just by using some of the tools you have in your garden shed, if you’re going after commercial lawns, you’ll probably need bigger tools, like an industrial mower and trailer.

Business Two: Axe-Throwing Business
Who isn’t stressed out in 2020? All the rage these days lends itself to launching an axe-throwing business. This is a great idea for corporate clients seeking to create fun team-building events. One of the biggest costs to start these businesses is liability insurance, however, because of the inherent risks of axes flying through the air.

Business Three: Cleaning Services
If you’re looking for a COVID-proof venture, a professional cleaning business is the perfect idea. Companies of all sizes need a reliable deep cleaning service, and this demand likely will not go away anytime soon. 

Business Four: Delivery Services
With the possibility of more COVID spikes during cold and flu season, the need for reliable delivery services both to the home and for business, is very high. While there are a number of national services in this business like DoorDash, there’s no reason why this model couldn’t apply to your own successful business.  

Business Five: Bookkeeping
Many small companies do not know the ins and outs of bookkeeping. Many small business owners don’t have the time to make sure their numbers are accurate. This is one area of business many entrepreneurs are willing to outsource. If you’re organized, good with numbers, and detail-oriented, this job is for you.

Business Six: Pet Hotel

If you’re an animal lover with a mind for business, a pet hotel may be just the thing to scratch your entrepreneurial itch. Pet hotels offer kennel services with a high-end spa touch for pets whose owners want the best in accommodations for their furry family members when they’re away.

Business Seven: Pet Bakery

Speaking of pets, if you have a passion for pets and a passion for baking, combine your two loves into a business by opening a pet bakery. Pet bakeries offer specially formulated pet foods, usually made with more natural, high-quality ingredients than their supermarket counterparts. Though your target market would be a niche group of very discerning pet owners, the potential for growth in this industry is promising.

No matter your passion, you will need adequate funding to get started. Benetrends specializes in helping the small business owners with 401(k) rollover funding also known as a ROBS. We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years with customized small business lending to launch or scale their company. Whether your new venture is axe throwing or baking specialty pet food, bookkeeping or professional cleaning—we can help. Why not take a moment right now to pre-qualify for your funding options?

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