401(k) Business Financing Simplified

Get approved, open your doors, and start up with more cash without going into debt. More than a loan, 401k ROBS financing starts your business minus withdrawal fees or tax penalty.
401(k) financing

Use Your Retirement Funds to Start Up Cash-Rich!

Get access to your own IRA or 401k funds to finance your business without debt, taxes, or penalties with innovative funding.

When it comes to dealing with your life savings and your future, nothing can substitute experience. At Benetrends, we don’t just offer the innovative ROBS (Rollovers-as-Business-Startups); our founder Len Fischer pioneered its usage 35 years ago (that’s almost 20 more years than most other competitors!), and we’ve since helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Our in-house team of industry-certified professionals never uses subcontractors or outsources services like other providers. You’ll get active, ongoing administrative support from the same experienced team before, during, and after funding.

Benetrends designs custom plans that make sense for your individual needs not only now but throughout the life of your business. With our custom Rainmaker and Rainmaker Advantage Plan, we help you minimize debt, enhance cash flow, stimulate business growth and build equity over time.

  • More adaptable options when you start
  • Acquire or later grow your business
  • Start cash-rich and debt-free
  • Better wealth protection from personal risk
  • Reduces the risk of double taxation
  • Contributions are exempt from payroll taxes
  • Get funding in just weeks!

Talk to a ROBS Consultant

competitive advantage

Buy a Business With Benetrends
Industry Leaders in 401(k) Small Business Financing

Ongoing Admin Support

Plans include all administrative, filing, and insurance costs plus unlimited certified and legal services that pay for themselves.

Funding in as Little as 3 Weeks

Our experts explore your options and provide fast funding alternatives with competitive terms through our (PLPs).

In-House Compliance

We have an in-house ERISA attorney to ensure compliance. We’ve never had a plan out of compliance in Benetrends history!

Better Wealth Protection

Only Benetrends offers additional plan options to support your future business empire and protect thousands of dollars.

Custom & Hybrid Options

We offer both 401(k) and Profit-Sharing Plan (PSP) options since we know that cookie-cutter plans don’t work for everyone.

We Optimize Your Equity

With our proven, custom plans, you’ll minimize debt and enhance cash flow from the start to gain business equity.

17,000+ Startups Funded
Tax-Deferred & Penalty-Free With ROBS Plans


Find out more about how we changed the game of startup funding with our innovative, custom Rainmaker Plans that let you roll over your retirement savings to finance your business dreams!


Working With Some Amazing Clients

get funded without debt

Inject Your New Business With 401k/IRA Equity!

Our retirement plan financial experts will set you up with a custom, innovative Rainmaker or Rainmaker Advantage Plan based on your needs to enhance your cash flow, reduce debt, and improve business equity.

These funding options are more adaptable so you can start your business sooner and accelerate growth over time!

Fund your business without debt in less than 3 weeks when you contact a Benetrends expert today!


Premier Custom Option

  • Tax-deferred, penalty & debt-free
  • Better wealth protection
  • Reduces the risk of double taxation
  • Reduces personal liability risks
  • Includes 401(k) feature for later
  • Contributions are exempt from payroll taxes

Rainmaker Advantage Plan

Two Custom-Designed Plan

  • Uses limited retirement funds with combined cash
  • Post-tax business investment
  • Long-term plan for tax-savings
  • Avoid income taxes when you sell
  • Eliminate capital gain taxes and required minimum distribution
  • Your cash investment for any preferred stock pays dividends

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