Episode 7 – BODY20 & Benetrends: Funding the Fitness Revolution

Post Date: July 7, 2023

In this exhilarating episode of Bellinis with Benetrends, Anthony Byrd welcomes Bob McQuillan, Chief Development Officer with BODY20, to discuss their remarkable partnership. The conversation unravels the details of the phenomenal $30 million franchise fund announcement and its far-reaching impact on BODY20 franchisees. Bob speaks passionately about the swift growth trajectory of BODY20, their ambitious expansion plans, and how the funding opportunities with Benetrends have been a game-changer in realizing these goals. The chat also sheds light on the strong trust and confidence fostered between the two brands, making this collaboration a notable example in the franchising industry. Tune in to this episode to delve into the incredible growth journey of BODY20, powered by Benetrends, and learn how this could be a blueprint for the future of franchise funding.

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