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Dramatically increase your SBA loan closes with help from Benetrends Financial. Discover a quicker, easier way to close more SBA deals.

Stop Leaving Money On The Table & Close Better Deals

Benetrends Financial has been supporting entrepreneurs in this endeavor for over 35 years — boasting the #1 referral program in the nation.
If you have a lot of potential entrepreneurs coming to you for SBA loans, but they don’t have the capital necessary for a capital injection, you know how frustrating this can be. Perhaps, they actually do have the right capital but aren’t sure and are leery to take the risk. This is tiring and not helping your numbers.

But you don’t have to tackle closing new deals alone. Benetrends Financial offers The Rainmaker Plan® to specifically help people in these situations use their retirement funds to start or acquire a business, penalty-free.

Exceptional Payroll Solutions to Support a Stronger Business
Benefits you’ll get

How Lenders Achieve Greater Success


Minimize Compliance Risk

Reduce Your Risk

You’ll be able to approve more loans, get more businesses funded and close more leads by reducing your company’s risk. Benetrends aids you in doing this. Helping your candidate gain access to our Rainmaker Plan® enables a larger capital injection, thereby reducing the bank’s risk and making the loan easier to approve.

401(K) Plans

Increase Post - Closing Liquidity

Both you and the candidate benefit when your organization becomes a preferred financial institution. Our partnership brings awareness of better financing, which increases post-closing liquidity. This ensures the new business is supported during the vulnerable startup period and is not undercapitalized. A deal that leads to the creation of a successful long-term business is in everyone’s best interest.

Manage Cash Flow

Access To The Rainmaker Plan®

Benetrends pioneered The Rainmaker Plan®. This financing option provides a source of additional collateral to ensure SBA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) compliance while appeasing credit’s tolerance. It also makes it possible for your clients to cover their personal living expenses from the rollover proceeds, rather than using the cash flow of the business.

401(K) Plans

Provide Added Value to clients

If you’re looking to improve the close rate on your candidate leads, bring Benetrends into the mix. Our highly personalized service equips candidates with clear and accurate information, quickly. To help them get funded, even when they don’t think it’s possible, Benetrends Financial’s industry expertise and unique funding options make all the difference.

Cobranded Assets

Want Cobranded Assets to Share with Your Clients?

Our extensive brochure library covers a wide range of funding topics that are sure to be helpful as you work with small business and franchise owners. These include details on everything from 401(k)/IRA rollover funding before a business is financed, to insurance and legal services once it’s up and running.

Innovative Funding Strategies Guide


Help deals close faster with our custom calculator

Funding is a key component of purchasing a business. It is important to know if a prospect has the means to purchase a business, and it’s helpful if that factor is known before investing your time and energy. Benetrends has offered a calculator before, but now we’ve raised the bar.


Working With Some Amazing Clients

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