Kelly Krueger

Senior Consultant


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Phone Number: 267-328-1296
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Based on the information you entered, our pre-qualification estimator has determined the possible amount of funding you may qualify for above, as well as a further breakdown of funding options in the chart below. This total amount is estimated based on all available options, including cash, retirement funds, stocks, and bonds, plus an estimated SBA loan amount. Additional factors may impact the amount of funding available, and not all funding options can be used in combination. Please consult with a Benetrends representative to discuss your individual situation and confirm actual results. This tool is intended to be used for educational purposes. Results should not be deemed definitive or regarded as a promise or final determination of funding. It is an estimate based on the information provided to us, and therefore must be validated by Benetrends for accuracy. Some factors which could impact this amount include liquid assets available after closing, outside or secondary source of income, applicable or transferable management skills, and the ability to satisfy SBA collateral requirements.