It's Not Just About the Money You Make.
It's Also About the Money You Keep.

Small Business Corporate Capitalization

From the innovators of 401(k)/IRA rollover funding comes a new chapter in small business funding.  Entrepreneurs who have the means to self-fund a business or are funding their business with an SBA loan can now build wealth and mitigate taxes with the Rainmaker Advantage Plan®.

A Capitalization Structure. Designed Around an Exit Strategy.

This program is designed using long-standing provision of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), to provide business owners with a way to build wealth and allows for an exit strategy that dramatically lowers or eliminates taxes on the profits from the sale of the company.  

What is the Rainmaker Advantage Plan®Advantage?

Modeled after our Rainmaker Plan®, this strategy uses two types of stock, which gives you the ability to maximize wealth while minimizing tax consequences.  Like the Rainmaker Plan, once the stock has been purchased, you will have the capital to start, purchase or recapitalize a business. 

Although the process is simple, specific steps must be taken in order to ensure compliance with IRS/DOL regulations.  And, as the leading small business funding provider, Benetrends will work with you so that you are funded quickly, safely and economically.


Why Should I Care About My Exit Strategy Now? What Are the Advantages?

Of all the things to consider when opening a small business or franchise, one would think the least important would be the exit strategy. However, this is a great time to think about the end game.  When the lifecycle of a business ends, the goal for an owner isn’t about the money that’s been made, but the money that is available after the company is sold

And the time to understand the tax implications of a business shouldn’t be at the time of the sale.  The way your company is structured in the beginning will set the tone for the life of the business, and you should carefully consider the best options for your company.

By planning ahead, you will be able to enjoy the ”golden years", knowing you have prepared for a retirement that is cash-rich and tax-free!

How Does The Rainmaker Advantage Plan® Work?

STEP 1: Set Up a Rainmaker Advantage Retirement Plan

Benetrends will set up a new retirement plan. A small portion of your investment goes into the newly formed retirement plan, modeled after our Rainmaker Plan®. The remaining funds go into the corporation, receiving stock as a personal investment.

STEP 2: Issuance of Stock

The corporation issues two types of stock, giving you the ability to maximize wealth while minimizing tax consequences.  If needed and you qualify, you can obtain additional funding through an SBA Loan.

STEP 3: Grow Your Business

After the stock has been purchased, you now have the capital to start, purchase, or recapitalize your new small business or franchise.

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“My relationship with Benetrends began when I heard about using 401(k) savings to fund the start-up of my own business. When I reached out to them to discuss this option, they were very helpful and guided me through the process. Benetrends’ help in getting my business set up was invaluable.”

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Our Pledge to You

Our mission is to make every Benetrends client our champion. For over 35 years, our Rainmaker Plan® has been tested and proven to work, providing a means for more than 17,000 entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of business ownership, creating both jobs and prosperity. We are so confident in the Rainmaker Plan design that we stand fully behind our work, backing every client with our Rainmaker Guarantee.

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