Why Wait For Retirement? Make Your Retirement Funds Work For You Today!

Post Date: October 4, 2013

Yes! You can fund your business using your retirement funds tax-deferred and penalty-free. 

Benetrends offers a full suite of funding solutions to help entrepreneurs get the funding they need for their small business or franchise. The Rainmaker Plan® allows you to release the money in your retirement funds and use it for a fresh start in business, tax-deferred and penalty-free. Benetrends originated 401(k)/IRA rollover funding, helping over 17,000 entrepreneurs for over 35 years, with our revolutionary Rainmaker Plan.

How does it work?

  • Benetrends will establish a corporation for you, with its own customized retirement plan.
  • You then roll over your current retirement plan funds into your new corporation’s customized retirement plan.
  • Your new retirement plan purchases stock in your new corporation.
  • Your new corporation no has the capital to start, purchase or recapitalize a business or franchise.

The Benefits of The Rainmaker Plan

We know you understand the benefits of opening your own business. But what are the benefits of using the Rainmaker Plan to fund your new business?

Debt-free funding … gain cash flow and build equity. 

Funding a small business on loans can put a strain on cash flow, with debt service becoming a major fixed cost. This is especially true for businesses that are just starting. Investing a portion of your retirement funds in your own company helps build equity in the firm. Retirement loans and early distributions can cost up to 50% in taxes and penalties. But with our Rainmaker Plan, you can use the funds you’ve diligently saved to start your own business and accrue NO debt, NO taxes, NO penalties, and NO loan payments, in as little as two weeks.

Pay yourself a salary … invest in yourself.

A business of your own may well be your best retirement plan. With the Rainmaker Plan, you can use your retirement funds as an initial business investment and build on them year after year. After all, an investment in yourself is an investment you can believe in. 

Plan for security … without using the roof over your head. 

Lots of small business owners start out by borrowing against their homes. With the Rainmaker Plan, you can open a business without ever touching the home equity you worked so hard to build. Used alone or in combination with debt financing, the Rainmaker Plan will minimize the potential risk to personal assets that may have to be pledged as collateral for a loan.

Set up a new Retirement Plan…with a qualified expert. 

At the core of the self-reliant funding process is a qualified retirement plan? Our qualified experts will design a plan to help you save for retirement. Because we specialize in retirement planning for small to midsize companies, we know how to structure a plan that: is tailored to the specific needs of your company, matches the retirement plan rewards to the importance, risk and performance of various employees, and help shelter more money than ever before.

The Benetrends Difference 

As the innovators in 401(k)/IRA funding, we’ve been doing this since 1983. Were a team of over 90 dedicated professionals you won’t find a more experienced or comprehensive funds administrator in the business. Our founder, Len Fischer, originated rollover business funding. We have qualified over 17,000 entrepreneurs, with our Rainmaker Plan.

Get a Fresh Start

In today’s economy, self-reliant business funding with retirement funds has become attractive for individuals who have suffered from corporate downsizing, closures,  lay-offs. Thousands of new business owners each year utilize their retirement funds to get a fresh start. 

Put Your Qualifying Plan to Work

Most types of retirement funds can be rolled over into your business? new retirement plan. You can generally use funds from any of the following types of plans:

* IRAs
* 401(k) Plans
* 403(b) Plans
* 457 Plans (for governmental agencies)
* SEPs
* SIMPLE Plans
* Defined Benefit Plans
* Profit-Sharing Plans
* Cash Balance Plans
* Money Purchase Plans
* Rollover Plans
* Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Our Guarantee

Our Rainmaker Guarantee ensures that we will be there to protect your plan in the rare case that there is an inquiry or audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Labor (DOL).

Retirement planning is a highly specialized field; for this reason, your accountant or lawyer may not be familiar with the process. Benetrends is happy to speak with your legal or accounting representative to thoroughly explain the process, including its benefits and parameters.

If you are ready to explore funding solutions for your business, schedule a consultation with a Benetrends consultant.

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