Unlock Your Business Potential with Benetrends Co-Branded Materials & Funding Calculator

Post Date: March 21, 2024
Streamlining Your Path to Business Financing with Benetrends’ Innovative Tools

In the dynamic landscape of business ownership, securing the right financing is a crucial step toward success. Benetrends Financial recognizes this need and simplifies this with two key tools, our funding calculator and co-branded materials.

Navigating Pre-Qualification with Ease: The Benetrends Funding Calculator

The Benetrends funding calculator is a straightforward and efficient pre-qualification form that integrates seamlessly into your business website. This user-friendly tool requires basic pre-qualification information and by capturing these data points, the calculator offers a preliminary assessment of your financial standing and identifies the funding options that best match your business aspirations. With over 750 calculators created, we’ve witnessed remarkable success in streamlining the pre-qualification process for all parties involved. This completely free service has not only facilitated faster access to funding but also initiated meaningful conversations between potential leads, Benetrends, and franchisors. For a closer look, visit: https://www.benetrends.com/co-branded-asset-request/

Personalizing Your Journey: Benetrends’ Co-Branded Materials

Our Co-Branded Materials blend your branding with our detailed innovative funding guide, making it easier for franchisees to navigate their options. This personalized approach provides clarity and support, ensuring the right fit for everyone’s needs.

Empowering Your Business Dreams

Benetrends Financial is more than just a funding solution provider; we’re your partner in unlocking the potential of your business. By leveraging our funding calculator and personalized co-branded materials, you’re taking a significant step toward a successful and financially secure future. To learn more about our services and to see a demo of these materials feel free to visit our website at https://www.benetrends.com/calculator-demo/ or reach out to us at marketingteam@benetrends.com.

Written by:

Adam Robinson, MBA
Marketing Manager
Benetrends Financial

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