Top Work-at-Home Businesses for 2021

Post Date: November 9, 2020

Working from home has become the new normal. Prior to the pandemic, there was a growing number of at-home workers along with freelance entrepreneurs.

But since March 2020, companies that had previously waded into remote working environment have adjusted to keep their employees safe.

According to Small Business Trends, the pandemic drove about one-third of American companies to send their workers home to work. Now, 67% say they are probably going to shift permanently to remote work. 

There are huge benefits to starting a business from home; you save on rent and overhead while cutting commuting time, for example. But going from consideration to actually launching a business means getting a sense of which concept will work best for you, your budget, and your lifestyle. This article shares some of the top work-at-home jobs for entrepreneurs in 2021.

Top At-Home Businesses

Today there is lots of money to be earned from the comfort of your own home. The options are less limited than you think. Here are some of the best examples to consider:

    • Freelance writing and blogging are one of the hottest niches to explore. Content is still critically important to most marketing strategies. From web blogging to sales and marketing copy, if you have a way with words, there is work out there for you. There are also writing platforms that match writers to clients to get you started. 
    • If you’re bilingual, that is a skill that you can put to work. You could specialize in general translation or medical, translate written content or audio, and more. Some of the most in-demand languages include Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Korean.
    • Becoming a virtual assistant is incredibly helpful for small companies with not enough time in the day. Whether you’re working for a temp agency or finding your own clients, there are so many tasks associated with this role that you shouldn’t have a problem finding work. Web research, file conversion, data entry, transcription, or other administrative tasks all happen on a regular basis for small companies, but few have enough time to get everything done. That’s where you come in.
    • Customer service representatives are now remote in growing numbers. In this business, you could spend your time responding to customer needs by phone, email, or chat. You could be scheduling or confirming appointments or troubleshooting software or sending out follow-up emails. If you have a basic office setup and good Wi-Fi, this is an important and available role for many entrepreneurs.
    • Photography is a growing line of business if you have the skills. There are even software platforms where you can monetize your photos by letting end-users “rent” the license to the image. If you can specialize in portraits, interiors, or perhaps food, you can put up a website and launch your from-home photography studio.
    • Social media managers immerse themselves in venues like Twitter or Facebook on behalf of your brand. It really is a full-time job. Social media moves fast and is ever-changing, so you have to stay on your toes. It’s not something that the average small business owner has time for, so it’s a likely candidate for outsourcing to get things done.

While these are only a few of the work-from-home ways to start your own business next year, you probably have your own ideas. Many small companies start from home and then seek small business funding or 401(k) funding to fuel their growth. That’s where Benetrends can help. We work hard to help small companies scale by finding them the financing they need to succeed.  Click here to calculate how much you need to start your business.

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