Top Business Ideas for Veterans This Year

Post Date: November 20, 2020

Veterans hold a special place in the hearts of the Benetrends family. We’ve helped countless heroes with the small business lending boost they needed to launch or expand their dream of entrepreneurship.

While acclimating to civilian life can be hard, having the focus of a new business venture is just one of the ways military veterans can find their place in the world back here at home.

Best Business Ideas for Vets in 2021

One of the best personal characteristics any military vet brings to entrepreneurship is the mental toughness and perseverance necessary to launch and sustain a small business. Data shows that, while vets make up just one percent of the U.S. population, they’re serving in leadership roles at 10 percent of the small businesses in the country. This tells us that veterans have better odds of making their small business venture succeed. But what types of businesses are good for veterans to consider these days?

  • Event or personal security allows veterans to capitalize on the skills they learned in the military. Your business could include providing security at concerts or movie festivals, private or government events, or even college or high school activities. 
  • Disaster recovery and planning is a good field to consider, both from the perspective of the skills of military veterans and the sheer volume of natural disasters that continue to plague us. Local communities seem to be always looking for ways to mitigate their risk and also to repair the damages from unfortunate weather events.
  • General contracting and construction remain a steady income if you have the skills. Starting your own construction firm is a good idea because these hands-on experts are in high demand everywhere from residential repair to commercial new builds. 
  • Personal trainer or fitness instructor is another option to consider. With an impressive military background, it’s likely that many weight and fitness-conscious consumers would be interested in what you know about keeping your body in top shape. Boot camp has a whole new meaning to a military veteran!
  • Property management is one-part leasing agent, one part contractor, and one part security expert. It’s a good business to get into when so many companies are investing in rental properties these days. During their time in service, veterans receive valuable training that translates to property management skills, making them more likely to run a tight ship to handle all of the day-to-day activities that come with the job.
  • Logistics is a great field to get into for a veteran. You’ve been trained to be organized and  methodical – able to process and think under pressure. You know how to get things done. That’s probably why logistics was listed recently as one of the most in-demand jobs for veterans.

Security guard.

Now that you have some ideas for launching your new business, what resources are available to help you get started?

Small Business Funding and Your New Business

Benetrends Financial is in the business of helping you get the resources you need for your fledgling or growing business. From 401(k) funding to a variety of resources exclusively for military veterans, we can help you fulfill your dream of entrepreneurship by finding the small business funding you need to succeed. Ready to schedule a consultation?  We stand ready to help!

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