Not All ROBS Companies Are the Same

Post Date: March 23, 2015

Eric Schechterman, Director of Sales, writes about the ways Benetrends stands out from the competition.

Illustrating Benetrends and our unmatched services is a task we are faced with on a daily basis. And while many may see the clear differences, it is still common to hear people ask, “Are all ROBS companies are the same?”

This can lead to individuals choosing cheaper options that they believe will provide them with the same services and expertise that Benetrends can provide. Unfortunately, many of those people learn down the road just how costly that decision can be.

Just in the last two weeks, I have been on calls with no fewer than 20 individuals who executed ROBS plans with other providers and witnessed the negative consequences of making the wrong decision. These calls often included the individual’s accountant.

And all of them said the same thing: help us! To quote one accountant, “Eric, I have clients that have used Benetrends and I have ones that used other providers. Wow: What a difference. With these other providers, it is like the wild west, and it is making my tax season not fun.

While sitting in on a training this week with our founder and ROBS creator, Len Fischer, he repeated a phrase that has never been more accurate. “If you plan on only being in business one year, it doesn’t matter who does your plan. But if you plan on being in business longer than that, I can’t imagine any other provider being able to provide what Benetrends does.”  Man is he right!


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Bottom line is Benetrends was built as a company that helps individuals maximize the benefits of having a retirement plan and how to have the most compliant efficient ROBS set-up that creates more wealth for the business owner.

Other companies in this space were built as funding companies. Gaining access to your funds, while important, is only one small step of being a ROBS client. The magic, the skill, the challenges, the true benefits, all happen after you have the funds in place. And that is where you need an expert to help.

I will wrap this up with one of my favorite quotes. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

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