How much does ROBS/RAPS cost?

Post Date: March 31, 2023

How much does ROBS/RAPS cost?

It’s a question we often hear from aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start or buy a business using their retirement funds. The answer is not as straightforward as you might think, as the price depends on the option you choose and the value you receive in return.

At Benetrends, we offer two main ROBS (Rollovers as Business Startups) options: Rainmaker and Rainmaker (Roth) Advantage Plan. The Rainmaker option has a setup fee of $4995 and an administration fee of $155 per month, while the Rainmaker (Roth) Advantage Plan has a setup fee of $9995 and an administration fee of $195 per month. While these fees may seem high at first glance, it’s important to remember that the net cost is often zero when you factor in the value you receive.

When evaluating the cost of a ROBS plan, it’s essential to consider the value you receive in return. At Benetrends, we provide cost-saving solutions that often reduce or eliminate costs. For example, all incorporation services, legal, administrative, and state filing fees are included in our ROBS plans, so there are no added CPA setup costs. Additionally, all expenses related to establishing minutes, bylaws, issuance, and management of stock investments are covered, as is the creation and customization of the retirement plan.

We also coordinate the transfer of retirement funds and provide assistance with a federally the requirement mandated stock appraisal at no added expense. On-going administration, record-keeping, and annual required reports are included, as is the annual assistance with determining the Corporation’s Fair Market Value.in the annual required Fair Market Valuation. Moreover, our fees often qualify for added tax deductions and tax credits.

The value of these features, combined with significant funding, tax mitigation, and wealth protection benefits, often justifies the initial investment for the program. Best of all, as a Benetrends client, you receive an unmatched Gold Standard of audit and liability protection, providing peace of mind as you build your business.

At Benetrends, we believe in providing exceptional value to our clients. We are committed to helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of business ownership by providing innovative funding solutions, expert guidance, and unwavering support. Our mission is to bridge the gap between aspirations and success for entrepreneurs and franchisors, and our vision is to be the leading catalyst for franchise business funding, revolutionizing the industry and helping thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

When considering a ROBS plan, it’s essential to evaluate price versus value or net costs. While the initial investment may seem steep, the value you receive in return can be significant, providing you with the resources and support you need to start or buy a successful business. We invite you to learn more about our ROBS plans and how they can help you achieve your dreams of entrepreneurship. At Benetrends, we are more than just a financing company. We are a partner in your success, and we are committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to achieve your goals.

Written by: Larry Carnell, VP of Strategic Development at Benetrends Financial

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