Grow your Business like Code Ninjas – with a ‘Black Belt’ Funding Partner

Post Date: February 14, 2018

A key component of business growth is a reliable funding partner. Benetrends has a black belt in financing – and Code Ninjas growth is proof.

There are franchises that slowly increase their brand with a few new locations every year, and then there are the franchises that seemingly expand overnight. 

Code Ninjas, named as one of Entrepreneur.com Magazine’s “2018 top trending franchises“, has done just that.  Founded in 2016, the first location opened on March 20, 2017.  They currently have more than 95 locations in development, including 46 franchisees in 21 states.   The projection is to have 40 units open by March 2018. 

So, how does a brand grow at such a rapid pace?  There are several factors.  Co-founder and CEO David Graham states that “Right People. Right Product. Right Time.” provided the strong foundation.  He knew from the beginning that this would be a franchise concept, and created a curriculum specifically geared to helping franchisees in their business.   Under the guidance of marketing “wizard”, Andy Giefer, they used Facebook and Google ads and word of mouth campaigns to promote the company.  

But one more partnership has been paramount to the company’s success and growth. The credibility of the brand and growth success can be attributed to a simple, yet powerful phrase – “funding available”.  

Enter the right funding partner – Benetrends Financial

Why should you choose Benetrends?

    • Leading 401(k)/IRA Rollover Funding Provider: As the pioneer of this funding method, we have the experience and expertise to help you convert more qualified candidates. 
    • One of the most successful SBA Loan departments in the industry: Over a 97% loan approval success rate, and more than $12 million per month in client approvals, backed by our 100% Money-back guarantee*. 
    • Multi-unit funding experts: As the recognized leader in multi-unit funding, we help you place bigger deals. 
    • Unparalleled “Free-Qual” pre-qualification program: Goes beyond just letting you know if your candidate is ‘fundable’, an in-house consultant lets them know how much they will qualify for so you know which concept to show them—and it’s completely FREE. 
    • Customized marketing materials: From co-branded hot-sheets to custom referral links – even custom elements for your funding webpage, we will help you connect with your candidates – also completely FREE. 
    • Our team: We are dedicated to helping your franchise grow.  Our team is comprised of highly trained, credentialed and knowledgeable members who will be with you every step of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Graham emphasizes, “We could not have reached this level of early growth without bringing in Benetrends, who we can trust to handle everything financing related.”  

When your candidates can capitalize on the funding opportunities available to them, they have a better chance of becoming franchisees. So, as you continue to look for ways to grow in a highly competitive industry, remember the power of 2 simple words: ‘Funding Available’. And see how Benetrends can simplify the funding process for your candidates, set your brand apart from the competition, and catapult your franchise system’s growth. 

*SBA Loan Money-Back Fee Guarantee: If Benetrends accepts your application for processing, we guarantee your application will be approved or we refund 100% of our fee. 


This article first appeared in Franchising World, January 2018



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