Funding and Beyond: The Strategic Benefits of Partnering with Benetrends

Post Date: March 4, 2019

Benetrends understands entrepreneurs. For decades, we have worked closely with business owners to help them fulfill their ambitions. 

With Benetrends, you will have a relationship that endures, covering all stages of your business development, launch, operations, growth and exit strategy. Whether it is help with small business planning or developing a business plan (as seen in the recent post, Top Business Planning Tools for 2019, Rated and Reviewed), or helping you meet governmental deadlines, Benetrends has long been a trusted partner for thousands of entrepreneurs.

Benetrends started by providing innovative business funding solutions. Over time, we have created additional tools designed to help businesses run efficiently with a suite of services that let owners focus on business growth. 

As businesses grow, Benetrends helps with financing and wealth management.

When it comes to funding and beyond, the strategic benefits of partnering with Benetrends are plentiful. Here is a closer look.

  • The Rainmaker Plan®. Pioneered by Benetrends in 1983, the Rainmaker Plan, also known as the Rollover as Business Start-Up (ROBS) strategy, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch businesses. With the Rainmaker Plan, you use your 401(k), IRA or other qualified retirement plan to finance your start-up, without penalties. With the Rainmaker Plan, you may receive funds in as little as 10 days and comes without the interest rates or equity stakes that are part of other funding options.
  • Loan Products. Some businesses want to use traditional loan products for their launch. Benetrends works with multiple national and regional lenders to provide you with multiple offers for start-up loans. We also offer guidance and advice when you apply for franchise loans, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, small business loans for women, capital financing and equipment leases, and securities-backed lines of credit.
  • Post-Funding Support. Our in-house professionals work with you to develop a customized plan for you and your company to address business growth, ongoing financing, and profit-sharing. We also provide audit protection in the unlikely event your business faces IRS questions.
  • Exit-Strategy Solutions. Benetrends is your partner for the life of your business.  As each Benetrends client is unique, so are there funding strategies.  Therefore, it only makes sense that exit strategies are not a “one size fits all” – they are as unique as the clients and plans themselves.  When it’s time to initiate an exit strategy, we will make a determination on a case-by-case basis and customize a strategy based on an individual’s personal and business needs.

  • Business Growth Strategies. Many entrepreneurs wear multiple hats when starting out. As the business grows, owners need to focus on core needs. Our support services help by managing core business areas, including:
      • Retirement Plan Compliance. Benetrends helps create and manage retirement plans, prepare government filings, and educate employees about plan options.
      • Credit Card Processing. Nearly every business needs to accept credit cards for payment. Benetrends can manage the relationships with credit card providers and payment processing for your business
      • Business & Personal Insurance. Protecting yourself and your business are important considerations. Benetrends helps business owners understand the necessary types of insurance and coverages necessary to protect the business and its leaders.
      • Legal Services. Legal matters occur in small businesses. Retaining a team of lawyers, on your terms, can be of benefit to a business owner.  
      • Payroll & HR.  Access to scalable payroll and HR tools means spending less time with back-office tasks and more time to grow your business.
      • Wealth Management. Entrepreneurs who self-fund their businesses or use an SBA loan often need help in developing a wealth growth strategy. Benetrends’ Rainmaker Advantage Plan® helps build wealth and minimize tax burdens while providing an exit strategy that lets you maximize your investment in your business.

Benetrends has well-proven strategies designed to address every stage of your business. That is why thousands of business owners partner with us. To see how we can help you with your business development, read some Benetrends funding success stories and schedule a consultation today.

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