Benetrends Establishes New Referral Partnership With Hireology

Post Date: September 27, 2022

Benetrends, IFA’s preferred vendor for ROBS rollover financing, is proud to announce a new referral partner of our own – Hireology, a comprehensive turnkey recruiting, hiring, and management platform used by over 7,500 businesses for HR and payroll needs. Back in April of this year, it was Hireology that acquired Hyrell, a Benetrends-owned company that utilizes a franchise-focused applicant tracking platform. As a result of this acquisition, Hyrell’s 1,200 franchise customers were absorbed by Hireology – and now, both entities are reunited thanks to Benetrends latest preferred partnership announcement.

The common thread between Benetrends and Hireology is the ability to offer their primary service lines as an outsourced solution for small businesses. Hireology is a crucial resource for many of these companies, who simply don’t have the time and resources to compete for talent in an increasingly competitive market. Just the same, Benetrends offers many of these same small businesses access to funding solutions that allow them to stay competitive in their respective industries. With this new referral partnership, both Benetrends and Hireology have now teamed up to offer franchise-focused solutions to small businesses, ensuring they have both the talent – and the financial resources – to continue making a competitive impact in their respective business channels.

Hireology continues to expand the company’s reach as a full-service hiring and HR provider — currently capable of assisting thousands of small businesses across a decentralized landscape of industries recruit, hire, manage, and maintain great talent. And Benetrends recently become a preferred vendor in ROBS rollover/retirement funding with the International Franchise Association (IFA), and also just acquired DCV Franchise Group, the franchising industry’s leading resource for SBA financing.

With the combined momentum of Benetrends and Hireology, small businesses everywhere will soon be the beneficiaries of quality outsourcing solutions related to funding and talent acquisition needs.

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