3 Digital Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Post Date: July 13, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve decided to launch your entrepreneurial mission in the form of a new business.

To fuel your small business growth, you’ll need an effective digital marketing strategy to put your business on the map. Here are three of our best tips for building your small business marketing strategy.

Start with your website.

No matter the type of business, your website is a critically important component of your digital marketing strategy. In the digital world, a website is like a receptionist in a walk-in business; it is the first point of contact for your brand.

There are dozens of online companies that make it easy to select a website design. The benefit of these online subscription services is that they make it easy to get a site up and running quickly and they handle the heavy lifting like making sure your site is mobile-friendly and secure. 

When designing your site, think of it from the perspective of your customers. What are the most important pieces of information that they want right up front? Contact information, address, and store hours are easy to miss but are so important to your clients.

2. Develop your online presence beyond your website.

If your company’s target audience is local customers, make sure you take advantage of the free local directory listings on Yahoo!, Bing Places for Business, and Google My Business.

    • Are there other online locations important to your business? LinkedIn has free business listings, for example.
    • Are referrals important to your business? This could make a site like Angie’s List an important addition to your digital marketing plan.
    • Do you have any trusted vendor or business relationships that might allow a link to your website on their site? Think strategically about where your customers would look for your business online, and then make sure you’re there to meet them.

3.  Build content to market your business.

While we know there are only so many hours in a day for a small business owner, the one digital marketing tool that continues to pay dividends, even when the economy is down, is written content. Every small business should invest in a blog on their site.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that in 2020, the downturn in the economy negatively affected digital advertising, but content marketing as a digital strategy is going strong, continuing to yield strong ROI for all kinds of businesses. 

Digital content can be shared on social media and it helps your website pop up in Google searches, attracting new customers to your products and services. Good content in the form of a blog, whitepaper, or video can engage prospects and customers in new, positive ways.

All of these digital marketing tips will help fuel your small business growth.

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