Become A Benetrends Broker Partner

The success of you and your clients is our #1 priority. Discover a quicker, easier way to close better deals more quickly as a Benetrends broker partner.

Stop Wasting Time And Money On Lost Leads

Benetrends Financial has been supporting entrepreneurs in this endeavor for over 40+ years — boasting the #1 referral program in the nation.

If you are spending a ton of effort and resources recruiting potential business owners, only to lose them when their financing doesn’t come through, you know how frustrating the funding process can be. But, you don’t have to tackle this alone.
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Save Money


Save Time


Find Qualified Leads


Convert Leads Quickly

Benefits you’ll get

How Our Broker Partners Achieve Greater Success


401(K) Plans

Qualify More Prospects Quickly

With access to Benetrends’ Partner services, you’ll be able to qualify more potential small business owners than ever before — with increases of up to 25%, according to our successful broker partners. Access tools like the FreeQual Program, a free candidate prequalification that provides the actual dollar amount of funding available so you know which concept to recommend in advance.

401(K) Plans

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Benetrends pioneered The Rainmaker Plan®, a funding solution that makes it easy to help your clients finance their businesses. Not only does this plan save your clients money by eliminating penalties and deferring taxes, but it also gets them off to a better start because it’s a no-debt service program. Since we have over 35 years of experience with this type of funding, we’re the best company to help your clients successfully use it.

401(K) Plans

Convert More Qualified Leads

Benetrends provides a comprehensive portfolio of funding solutions to guide candidates through the funding process and help you convert more qualified leads faster. From our industry-leading Rainmaker Plan® to one of the most successful SBA lending departments in the industry (with a 97% loan approval success rate) our process is faster and easier than other financial options, so leads won’t drop out before they close.

401(K) Plans

Provide Added Value to clients

If you’re looking to improve the close rate on your client leads and provide value, bring Benetrends into the mix. Because we incorporate additional safeguards, like business valuation, we help ensure the success and growth of your clients’ businesses. Our service equips your clients with clear and accurate information, quickly. We keep both parties well-informed throughout the whole process.


Working With Some Amazing Clients

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