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Benetrends Rainmaker Plan for SBA Cash Injection

Using the Rainmaker Plan as the cash injection for an SBA Loan is a great resource for business owners, keeping their savings available for their living expenses.

Benetrends Rainmaker Advantage Plan

Entrepreneurs who have the means to self-fund a business can take advantage of tax-savings with this innovative program, a program designed by and exclusive offered by Benetrends.

Benetrends Overview Brochure

This is a professional, self-contained PDF suitable for downloading and emailing to prospective clients.

Cobranded Assets

Want Cobranded Assets to Share with Your Clients?

Our extensive brochure library covers a wide range of funding topics that are sure to be helpful as you work with small business and franchise owners. These include details on everything from 401(k)/IRA rollover funding before a business is financed, to insurance and legal services once it’s up and running.

Benetrends Overview Brochure

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Innovative Funding Strategies Guide

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Help deals close faster with our custom calculator

Funding is a key component of purchasing a business. It is important to know if a prospect has the means to purchase a business, and it’s helpful if that factor is known before investing your time and energy. Benetrends has offered a calculator before, but now we’ve raised the bar.

Need a Brand Page?

Looking to direct your leads to a branded Benetrends page? We can create a branded landing page specifically for your company! We feature your personalized funding calculator so you can see when someone submits on the page. Request your page today.