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Just a quick word of Thanks to everyone at Benetrends and Janney Montgomery Scott for all of your help and support in the Rainmaker Plan funding of my new company Creative Edge Signs and Graphics. With the final transfer yesterday, I am off and running. I look forward to working with some of you in the future....
Barry Wolitzky
Creative Edge Signs and Graphics
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Startup Business Loans

Startup business loans are often necessary for developing new businesses. After all, an idea must be backed by some investment in order to take root. Undertaking a new entrepreneurial project can be intimidating, and banks are extremely careful about approving loans. While startup loans may be considered high risk, we understand the importance they carry for the creation of new businesses.

For those venturing into a new business, credit may be the biggest obstacle to overcome, especially when a large number of new businesses fail. Benetrends understands that the current economy makes it difficult and discouraging to start up a new business. In conjunction with business start-up loans and Benetrends' strategies, your business venture may be a reality rather than an idea. Using Benetrends' strategy of investing funds from a qualified retirement plan into your own business can provide an equity injection when applying for business start-up loans. Lending institutions will note your own financial commitment to your business.

Start-up business loans may be obtained from a number of different sources, most commonly from private banks or government-sponsored programs for new businesses. It is always important to remember that start-up business loans tend to be competitive and that there are a series of processes that will ensure you get the needed start-up loan. Benetrends will advise you about the proper steps towards obtaining these start-up loans and provide you with clear access to the financial routes necessary to undertaking a new business venture. At Benetrends, our wish is that all necessary funding be obtained from the Rainmaker Plan because of its no-debt plan, but we understand that sometimes start-up loans are also needed.

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