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When I decided to open my own business in 2008, someone explained to me that I could use my 401(k) or IRA money tax and penalty free. Luckily, they referred me to Benetrends. Benetrends explained, in terms I could understand, how the process works, the benefits of it and how they would take care of and manage it all for me. I am in my fourth year of business and I have been so impressed with Benetrends products, follow-up and customer service that I have referred many of my own clients....
Luc Deslauriers
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Sometimes conventional
financing is the way to go.
You have options.

Conventional Financing

At Benetrends, our conventional financing consists of fixed or variable rate financing options. Below are some of the popular conventional loans we offer:

Term Loans

  • To purchase inventory, equipment or other large-ticket items that your business needs to grow
  • Principal and interest payment due monthly
  • Typical term of 7 to 10 years for larger capital purchases

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

  • To purchase, refinance, or improve owner-occupied, commercial and/or investment properties
  • Secured by real estate
  • 5-year term with up to 15-year amortization or straight 25-year term (no balloon)


  • Obtain up to 90% of your eligible A/R (instead of waiting 30 to 90 days to be paid)
  • More efficient cash control - quick access to working capital needed for daily operations
  • Factoring charges are offset by reductions in administrative costs
  • Improve your balance sheet ratios - it is not a loan
  • Fund expansion and growth
  • No long-term contracts

Home Equity

  • Home equity term loans allow you to utilize the equity in your home as collateral
  • Convenient, one-time lump sum loan
  • Ideal for financing start-ups, expansions, or business acquisitions
  • Home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a revolving line of credit in which your home serves as collateral
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