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My wife and I approached several banks in our area looking for SBA funding to help us start a franchise. We had little luck until we began working with Benetrends. The team at Benetrends helped us with our application and put us in connection with several lenders, ultimately helping us secure the financing we needed to start our business. Many thanks to Benetrends....
Billy Macaulay
Senior Portfolio Associate at HarbourVest Partners
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First things first. Before we can determine the ideal funding package for you, we must first assess your particular goals and current financial situation. An in-depth discussion with one of our Business Funding Specialists is an important first step in determining our initial recommendations.

Initial questions would include, but are not limited to, the following:

What is your net worth?

How much do you have in cash?

What is your credit score?

What are your start-up costs?

What is the timeframe?

What is the type of business?

What type of funding are you looking for?

Once we have an accurate picture of your financial needs, we can design a customized funding plan that utilizes just one or a combination of our over 15 funding vehicles.

You won't find any cookie cutter financing here!

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