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When launching Ascendify, we wanted to devote our time to building an innovative product that would transform the recruiting industry, and not let anything (like fundraising) distract us from those goals. We wanted to make sure we were IRS compliant, and following the letter of the law. So we partnered with Benetrends because they understand the ins and outs of tax laws, having implemented these funding programs for over 30 years....
Lauren Smith
Co-Founder Ascendify
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History of Benetrends Financial

Benetrends was founded in 1983 by Leonard Fischer, one of the leading ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) attorneys in the nation. As a true pioneer in the lending industry, Benetrends blazed a trail for 401(k)/IRA retirement funding with our innovative Rainmaker Plan®. The plan was designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners maximize the benefits of their retirement plans with the most compliant and efficient setup for creating maximum wealth as a business owner.

While other newer 'funding' companies have since popped up, Benetrends believes there is so much more involved than just helping business owners gain access to funds. The magic, the skill, the challenges, the true benefits, all happen after the funds are in place. And that is where Benetrends 30+ years of acquired expertise is invaluable.

Today, more than 10% of all franchises, as well as numerous startups and existing businesses, are now financed utilizing 401(k) business funding. 

And Benetrends has since grown from its humble beginnings to a dedicated team of over 75 experts, offering a wide array of funding vehicles and solutions for entrepreneurs. 

What hasn't changed after all these years is Benetrends' passionate obligation to ensure the continued viability of retirement funding in America, and our complete dedication to our clients.

Get to know our founders and dedicated executive team, and give us a chance to earn your trust so that we can help you live your dreams and succeed in business ownership.


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