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The Benetrends team has gone above and beyond my expectations. Their helpfulness, efficiency and ability to answer all my questions has been exceptional. Thank you......
Leslie Chavous
Cleaner Soles, Inc.
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About Benetrends Financial

Since 1983, Benetrends has been on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs successfully launch their dreams of business ownership by getting them the funding they need quickly, safely and economically. 

Our company's founder, Len Fischer, was the original architect of 401(k) business financing (without penalty) over 30 years ago. We call this method of funding our Rainmaker Plan®, and while it is our flagship product, we now also offer a comprehensive suite of funding vehicles that can be used individually or in conjunction with the Rainmaker. For instance, SBA loans: Benetrends has over a 97% loan approval success rate with our clients, making our SBA loan department one of the most successful in the industry. 

Experience Counts

While the landscape of funding for small business owners has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years, through it all there has been one constant who has been there all along. That constant is Benetrends. And we'll continue to be there alongside entrepreneurs and franchises, helping them navigate and succeed in their businesses.

Thirty years of know-how learned by doing. Thirty years of working with entrepreneurs and franchise industry leaders and organizations. It's that 30 years of acquired expertise that sets us apart and empowers small business owners and franchise brands to grow and thrive.

Today, more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in all 50 states have benefitted from our proven and innovative funding strategies. We are proud and honored to be trusted by such an amazing group of entrepreneurs, and regarded as the authority in franchise and small business financing. 




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